$899 for AR APP


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What will it cost when we talk about APP-AR on the market?

How much it will the AR APP be with following features:

  - Customized name and logo 

  - 3D Creator supported 

  - Unity3D resources upload supported

  - Cloud Images Recognition on server 

Now only $899 is that cost ! 

Can you imagine one day you don't have to worry about building AR with SDK and programming or even pay for the app uploading to the Store.

Our SaaS system can be your best assistant to build the APP with AR "Nuclear weapon” on it.

Oh, you can make money with it right away!

As human being we learn more and more and more and more to become a better man or woman with more competitive skills to achieve better life! So it is as the APPs. 

We need more than the sound of "Wow" but the actual sales promo after it.

We achieved many success stories on E-commerce, tourism, museum, digital marketing, education and so on! Not just the cool style of being AR. The amazing sales records brought by the AR effects stuck our clients.

Just like whom the Tim Cook once said:

“I see AR as being profound. It has the ability to amplify human performance instead of isolating humans, and so I’m a huge believer in AR. We put a lot of energy in AR, and it’s moving very fast”.  

This is what we do. We build AR for our clients to help them with better sales achievement.  We lower the abilities for our client to build AR interaction scenarios themselves.

So they actually cut the cost and save the time with better results! Or they can save the budget for the AR-content like 3D-modeling and video-making. Or they have more time to think about the creativities of the interaction!

Create the AR with our 3D Creator that's what you can get. More than the sound of "Wow".

That's why we come up with the Standare AR-APP product, as one of our SaaS service, with the cost of $899! 

Build your AR APP with your name and logo on it right away!

Create your power of reality right away!

Features for the Standare AR-APP:

A screenshot from one of our users on the 3D Creator:

This AR interaction scene is made by the non-programming user with only 4 hours! It contains more than 200 interaction activities and 4 main scenes. But it doesn't have a line of code programmed by the user! Our 3D Creator help indeed and make it just like posting the blogs. 

Contact me if you don't buy any of them!

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Or Email us, sales@kivisense.com

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